Monday, December 18, 2006

Transpose Rows to Columns and vice versa in MS Excel

I used to hate Excel and thought every decent software professional worth her/his pinch of sodium chloride would never touch the tool even with a substantially long stick. TILL in my previous workplace I was shown wonderous things that perfectly sound unix proficient bioinformaticians did with Excel (given data was less than 65,535 rows).
So earlier today I needed a quick and dirty way to transpose rows into columns. This is how I did it with Excel and surprisingly it wasnt as counterintuitive as expected.

1. Select row that contains data that needs to be transposed.
2. Copy data (Edit->Copy).
3. Select column which can accomodate copied row data. Right click and select paste special (or Edit->Paste special). Select Transpose from the box that opens.

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