Friday, December 01, 2006


Its Friday and I'm doing a little Kokopelli dance in my office chair, limiting it to my lower limbs (of course) don't want to risk being caught by other overtly sociable people on the floor-- my officemate, sadly, has come to terms with the weekly ritual. Even more exciting is its the first weekend of December and time to (pardon the cliche) "deck the halls" and get our hitherto bachelor pad more family friendly.
So yesterday, gallant hubby ever so cooperative bared his flu, stomped out into frigid AZ temperatures (~37F, snort!) and hauled in a 7 foot Douglas fir. I'd have preferred a Colorado Spruce myself but since at the time, I was too busy fighting traffic in a shady gas station (yes, a gas station), I was advised to save my preferences for the following year. Next decoration. Promptly dismissing his proud booty of plastic (shoe, star, pine cone, pears, there was something that looked like a genetically mutated Santa too) decoration amassed from Christmas-es past, I now also have the duty to shop for appropriate tree tinsel! Not like I mind, I love Christmas.
Growing up in Kuwait, our tree (artificial, natural pine exports to the middle east not particularly profitable I hear) would be up and decorated the first of the month. Dashing home everyday after school, I'd run straight into the kitchen to see what goodies my mom had made in preparation, which she did around the same time. There always was fruit cake, doughnuts, mixture (a savory mix of indian crunchies and nuts), traditional Indian sweets called (unfortunately I only know their Telugu names) Kajalu, Kajikailu, finally ladoos! My mom always made loads of these because tradition was to visit family and friends on Christmas day with homemade sweets.
This being our first Christmas as a married couple, I just want to recreate a bit of that magic, to make it a tradition for our little family as well. Lets see how well that goes-- preparation begins today!

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