Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Top 3 Pet Peeves

3. English words in a Tamil song: When will my people realize that English rap and hip hop are best left out of Indian songs. The "yo-yo" and "whatzzup" dont have the same American street slang effect when sung in an accent soaked like a Vada in Sambar. For instance, in one of the new chartbusters is the word, Mobile made to sound like mo-bbiile-ahh. Further wince worthy is the current experimentation of interspersing Tamil with Spanish lyrics-- as if English wasnt bad enough!! Definitely NOT music to my ears.

2. Public Smoking: This has to be the most disgusting personal habit ever. Smoking in the privacy of ones home is fine, but NOT in already claustrophobic public shacks. Uncontrolled drinking or drugs pale in comparison if not for anything else but for their lack of being more dangerous, passively. I can't think of any other compulsion that is more deterimental for those NOT involved... other than ...maybe spitting (how did I come up with this, lets just say, my cousins and I were very much feared). But of course, this isn't socially acceptable and people are not given allowances of their work time for a nice relaxing spew-- then why for smoke??

1. Idiot drivers in Phoenix, Arizona: I hate these people with a vengeance. They're the most rude, ungrateful, cranky, slowpoke pains in all the wrong places on the face of the planet. People don't thank you for letting them in front of you, they hog roads driving side by side at 15 mph on a 45 mph limit road, they dangerously cut you off and drive at 15 mph in FRONT of you, they drive speaking on their cellphones with their head cocked 90 degrees to the side, they have to FACE their passenger when talking to them, they drive beat up trucks with all sorts of random crap flying out and sometimes on the very rare occassion (much to the relief other road occupants) the pickup will move at the 45 mph speed limit, a fact that the kids hanging from the sides of the open back don't seem to appreciate too much.

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