Saturday, February 10, 2007

Grandma's weekend Egg Special

A quick glance at caller id.

Me: Hi ma!
Mamma: Hi baby, how are you?
Me: Good ma, what are you doing?
Mm: I'm at work, just going for lunch.
Me: mmm...what's for lunch?
Mm: I made grandma's egg curry, pappu (lentil gravy) and rice.
Me: Wow! Ma I want some!!
Mm: It's so easy. Just fry 2 big onions and chillies (about 2 slit lengthwise). When onions carmelize add tomato and karam (chilli powder), one tomato for 2 onions. When tomatoes are cooked and you see oil seperating, add boiled eggs, you know, with slits on the sides. Mix well, but be careful with the eggs. In the end add 2-3 more chillies (slit), chopped kothimir (cilantro), and curry leaves. Make some rice in the cooker and eat hot hot.
Me: Oooo. I'll make it as soon as I get home! I'll tell you how it goes.
Mm: Ok baby, I have to go, I'll talk to you later.
Me: Ok ma, bye!


It's sad the number of posts I throw away because the pictures don't turn out right. In spite of faulty pixels I have to share the recipe for Pappu (Telugu)/Parappu (Tamil)/Dal (Hindi)/Lentil gravy. It is a staple in Indian households irrespective of economic stratification. And for me nothing satiates better than a nice bowl of rice drowning in pappu, with a small mound of pickle or in this case, egg curry. I use my dad's recipe which is different from the traditional in that it has no turmeric or chilli powder but does have a touch of ginger-garlic paste lending a beautiful aroma.

You will need:

1/2 cup of onions (sliced)
1/2 cup of tomatoes (chopped)
1 cup of masoor dal (or any thin disc shaped lentil would do)
6 cups of water
1 tsp ginger garlic paste
1/2 tsp each of cumin and mustard seeds (for tempering)
A few curry leaves (optional)
1 tsp vegetable oil
Boil or pressure cook lentil, onion, tomato, ginger-garlic paste with water till lentil is soft and mushy. If using a pressure cooker, cook sealed for about 20 minutes on medium high heat.
In a shallow pan heat oil and add cumin and mustard seeds. Wait till mustard seeds start and stop spluttering. Add curry leaves to pan. Add this "tempering" mixture to cooked lentils. Serve hot with rice or chapatis.

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