Wednesday, March 18, 2009

San Diego- Day 2

Woke up to a very foggy day-- visibility was less than a mile in most places, which my cabbie would tell me later was fairly common in this part of the world. My day until lunch was not much to talk about really, work work. Since lunch break was a wee bit longer, I decided to sneak off to La Jolla. It was a fun little walk, got my souvenir shopping done and took a bunch of nice pics as you will see in the collage (no, I dont know who the random Indian guy is-- but we are EVERYWHERE). Stopped off at Old Towne on the way back to t he hotel to pick up my little man a cute little toy I saw yesterday but didnt have the chance to get. Then came back to complete the afternoon session of work and then headed out to Gaslamp for dinner with an old friend and his friend. They served rolls out of a personalized brown paper bag--very cool! Dinner was a scrumptious sampler menu with 5 different kinds of pasta, filet mignon done 3 ways-- plain grilled, in a blueberry sauce (so, so but friends loved it), in balsamic reduction (so, so), 4 different desserts-- panacotta (with mango reduction was ok), cheesecake (yumm with strawberry sauce), tiramisu (gooooood) and chocolate cake (ok). Turns out they switched the mango reduction and strawberry sauce with what they should have been accompanied with, eg, cheesecake was supposed to be with mango. But it was pretty good all the same. After hunting for a store that was open AND sold world league Japanese baseball hats we headed back to the hotel. An eventful, fun day...oh did I mention I did squeeze in a walk by the beach today but didnt stay long, inspite of the 80 degree forecast it was actually a bit nippy.

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