Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A piece of paradise-day 1

I thought it would be weird NOT waking up to the 4 toothed grin I've been so used to the past couple of months. But barely having slept all night-- waking up next to nobody was quite the anti climax really. So used to our rigid and rushed weekday schedule I barely could fathom what to do with all my time, top it off with the 3 bonus hours of being on the west coast, no less gorgeous San Diego-- I felt like I'd won the jackpot!! I spent a nice leisurely hour working out, half an hour strolling by the beach and another showering. Simply awesome. Having 4 hours to spare and with really only one day to squeeze it all in, I took the trolley ride around SD. I know, I know, I too thought it was mostly for geriatrics (and it was) but it really was quite nice. They started out at Old Town and wound their way around everything there really was to see in SD. Here are a few shots. Forgot to take my camera for dinner but the Filet mignon with duck confit ravioli was DELICIOUS-- almost as good as the view, a spring San Diego sunset.

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