Wednesday, January 03, 2007

2006, in a nutshell

I need to catch up on my food blogging soon, I have loads of pictures and recipes that are itching their upload. But 2006, filled with evenly distributed mini explosions of unanticipated changes, deserves an apt postlude. So in the true spirit of Bridget Jones, here goes:


1 perfect 25th birthday.
1 amazing dream school Phd offer.

1 not so dreamy, long dying relationship buried.
1 loss of a best friend.

1 all expense paid NYC trip.
1 very expensive India trip.

1 and only living grandmother lost.
1 helpless fortnight lying by her death bed.

1 responsible, steadfast, non-commitment-phobe man.
1 proposal in one month.
1 PhD deferral.
1 engagement.
1 wedding.
3 inherited nephews.
2 inherited dogs.

1 massive cross country move.
1 huuuuge home (>1 bdrm).
1 whole lifestyle change.

1 activities buddy.
1 grand canyon hike.

1 major career change decision.
1 whole year ahead.

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