Friday, December 05, 2008

Bad Bad Mommy

I understand I've been a bit negligent of my blog "baby" lately but you will just have to believe me when I say its been pretttty hectic around here. School just kicks my butt sometimes and I wonder what business a 27 year old has to still be doing homework and studying for exams. Although I can do without both of the above--for once in my life, I actually enjoy what I'm doing professionally. You know, it gets my blood running, its great. I have gazillion things to do at any given point and I've never been good at multitasking but life teaches new skills all the time. Its good!

This is not to say there hasnt been any cooking...theres always got to be food!! I've been pretty experimental actually and for the most part, all my kitchen experiments have been fruitful (literally!!). My latest food obsession has the most interesting name QUINCE-- makes me think of a tall lanky Brit in a plaid vest and glasses. I dont know why, my imagination is a bit random at times (ok, most times). I've made the most lovely fruit preserve with it and had it for thanksgiving breakfast with fried angel food cake (its the holidays, c'mon let me sin!). I had focus on the turkey that day, so just used store-bought angel food cake, spread it with butter and toasted it on a heated griddle. The recipe for quince jam is pretty straightforward and just about every other blog seems to be talking about it. Seeing as much as I have to catch up with, I'll just point you to it. And leave you with a picture of our warm, satisfying start to Turkey day festivities and the promise to be back with lots and lots of tried and tested new recipes.

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